Therapy for Depression

You can’t become truly happy just by being less miserable.

  • You feel depressed for more than a week
  • You feel disconnected from life
  • Your energy is lower
  • You don’t enjoy things as much as usual
  • Your sleep patterns can change, like not sleeping enough or sleeping too much
  • You get more irritable
  • You feel worthless and persecuted
  • You have thoughts of death or harming yourself

Depressed people develop depressive thinking, much like our friend from Winnie the Pooh.

It’ll probably rain.
– Eyore

Depression can lower your immune system. It can lead to absences from work or school. According to a recent study, twenty percent of the $44 billion cost of depression was accounted for by absenteeism, while 80 percent of the costs associated with depression, or $35.7 billion, was linked to “presenteeism”—that is, present on the job but with significantly reduced productivity. It can rob you of the joy in life.

We can help! We will help you identify those depressive thought patterns and help you deal with them more effectively. You will be more able to develop behaviors that improve your mood through exercise, diet, and self-care. We will help you develop a lifestyle that leads to long-term happiness.

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